The Bangkok Story Trailer has been released for Hitman: Episode 4

A new trailer has been released by Square Enix for Hitman: Episode 4 ‘The Bangkok Story Trailer’ which is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Targeting a rock‘n’roll singer, you will follow Agent 47 to Bangkok with the scene being set in a luxury hotel. With over 75 different challenges, new gear, disguises, items and weapons on offer, there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Welcome to Bangkok. The “Club 27” mission delivers HITMAN players an opulent and richly detailed luxury hotel to explore, from the exquisite interior suites to its tropical gardens and exotic pavilions. With Rock ‘n’ Roll targets, all-new opportunities and disguises, plus over 75 different challenges unlocking new gear, weapons, and items Episode 4: Bangkok is not to be missed.