Axiom Verge Blasts onto Xbox One Very Soon

Fans of Metroid rejoice! Although Nintendo has denied us a true successor to the Metroid mantle for many years now, we need not despair. Tom Happ has single-handedly produced Axiom Verge, a fantastic title that nails all the elements that makes Metroid great while providing a fresh narrative and a modern interpretation of the classic formula.

While it has been available on PC, PS4 and most recently, WiiU, Axiom Verge has never seen play on a Microsoft console. That is, until now. Over on his dev blog, Tom has announced that Xbox One owners will soon be able to enjoy the exciting adventure title when it releases on September 30th. He also details some of the issues he faced when porting the title to Xbox and why it took this long to accomplish.

If you’ve never seen Axiom Verge in action, take a look at the PS4 launch trailer below.

Axiom Verge will be available for Xbox One on September 30th. If you can’t wait, grab it right now on Steam, PS4 or WiiU.