Battlefield 2142 is BACK!

What?! Are you serious? Ten years on and in the midst of the year of Battlefield 1, you’re telling me that the mega popular online multiplayer game Battlefield 2142 is coming back?! No? Oh…

It’s not coming back, it IS back! And in the true sense of PC gamers showing their differentiation from console players, it’s a fan lead revival project since BF2142 was knocked out of operation a couple of years ago when Gamespy was shutdown in 2014 and EA retired some of their older games – Battlefield 2142 included. So strictly speaking it’s not Battlefield 2142 it’s Battlefield 2142 Revive.

In all honesty this fan lead revival of BF2142 is nothing but good news for EA – a free and effortless revival of one of their more popular games and it gets the Battlefield name out there just a little bit more. Also by EA giving their blessing to this by not shutting it down, shows that they are a kindly company who understands the little people…sigh.

Battlefield 2142 has a number of working servers and since various games websites have highlighted this revival project, the numbers have started to get higher and higher, with over 800 players on right now (as I type). More information on the BF2142 revival can be found on their official website.

Did you play Battlefield 2142 when it was first out? Will you be signing up to the revival? Let us know in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter.