Civilization VI: First Look at Rome

Civ 6 Linux

Civilization VI is out exactly 1 month today, and what better way to look forward to its grand release than to check out their take on one of the greatest Empires to have ever existed. Rome. Check out their first look trailer here:

From the look of it, Rome looks to be be a pretty well buffed Civ to start as. If, like me, you like to expand your territory early and have all of your cities linked then Rome is key. With their “All Roads Lead to Rome” Special Ability means all cities start with a trading post and all cities within trade-route range also start with a road already leading back to Rome. That is pretty sweet!

Not only this, but their special unit – The Legion – replaces the Swordsman and can act as an engineer as well, albeit for a limited amount of times.

The special building is the Baths, which replaces the Aquaduct, and provides more housing than the Aquaduct and amenities. Trajan’s Column (Trajan is the leader you play as, as Rome) means that all cities start with one free building which is usually a monument.

What do you think of Rome in Civilization VI? Will you play as them or do you have a go-to Civ to play as? Let us know in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter.