Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Slams Banhammer on Over 11,000 CS GO Cheaters

Talk about the long arm of the law. Today, life came fast and hard to over 11,000 players of the action packed multi-player FPS game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who were found to be cheating. The affected players were banned by the Valve Anti-Cheat system for breaking the rules, one of the largest spikes of VAC activity this year.

Valve Anti-Cheat is continually banning players, but in this case it appears that the system has become able to detect previously untouchable cheats (guys, start asking yourselves if you partook in illegal activities). The Steam inventories of banned players are essentially frozen: they cannot trade or sell items from their inventory for that game.

counter-strike-pixThere is also a reddit thread from a CS: GO user who has complained about his account not working properly and how older players with good cheats (the types which VAC was thought unable to detect) have now found themselves unable to play.

No explanation has been made as to how and why this has occurred and I think it is a clear warning for players to desist from cheating. We at RGM will update you as updates on this feed comes to us. For now stay safe, don’t cheat and happy gaming.