Dishonored: The Corroded Man Novel Released Today

New title sets up new story ahead of Dishonored 2's November release

The original Dishonored was one of last gen’s revelations. Seemingly coming out of nowhere which is, of course, wildly appropriate), it was a master class in choice driven stealth assassination, with a unique world and intriguing story, it very quickly became a hit around the world.

So with Dishonored 2 only a couple of months away, it seems the perfect time to provide some back story before we re-unite with Corvo and Emily in Dunwall.  Dishonored: The Corroded Man is a new novel, written by author Adam Christopher and aims to set the scene of what Emily and Corvo are up to before the events of Dishonored 2.

Here is a synopsis given on Titan Books website for the novel:

“Empress Emily Kaldwin leads a dual life, fulfilling her duties as Empress while training with her father, Corvo Attano, mastering the arts of stealth, combat and assassination.

A strange, shrouded figure appears in Dunwall, seeming to possess powers once wielded by the assassin known as Daud. Faced with the possibility that their deadliest foe has returned, Emily and Corvo plunge headlong into a life-and-death race against time. If they fail to learn the truth about this mysterious enemy, the result could be destruction on an unimaginable scale.”

The novel is an officially licenced title, and was tweeted as being released on the Dishonored Twitter page.

I, for one, have already ordered a copy as the more Dishonored I can get, the better. In fact, I might wait to read it, try to put on my Corvo mask when the special edition of Dishonored 2 arrives and enjoy a candle lit bath whilst being super stealthy and enjoying a good book…or not.

Will you be picking up ‘The Corroded Man?’ How about Dishonored 2? Let us know in the comments below or on the RGM Forums.