Gears of War 4 Could Have Been a Prequel

It was revealed at the EB Expo this weekend that Gears of War 4 was almost a prequel to the original trilogy. Stevivor spoke with The Coalition’s Chuck Osieja and he had this to say:

We actually sat around, when Rod [Fergusson, formerly of Gears’ original developer, Epic Games] first joined, we sat around for a few days and talked about what we could do. Do you go back and tell – well, there’s a ton of lore in the Gears’ world. Do we go tell the Pendulum Wars? Then we go, ‘nah. Gears really isn’t about human on human fighting. It’s always about human on monsters, so we thought maybe we could do Emergence Day. Judgment sort of got close to it, but again, no.”

He also spoke about the problems with a prequel, one being that when you play a prequel you ultimately know what the outcome of the story will be so the surprise factor isn’t there. They also thought about going to an entirely new planet with an entirely different cast of characters but that ultimately did not pan out.

Personally, as a Gears fan I’m happy with the direction they took for Gears of War 4. I like that we get new characters but still have the presence of the ones we remember from the originals. I don’t like prequels myself because like Chuck said in his interview, you know where the story leads. For me, I like a fresh story where anything could happen and that’s what Gears of War 4 ultimately is. You can read the full interview transcript at Stevivor for some more details.

What do you think of the direction that Gears of War 4 ultimately took? Would you have wanted to see a Pendulum Wars prequel or are you happy moving past that and starting a new story? Let us know in the comments or in the RGM forums.