Minecraft: Education Edition Gets November Launch Date

Microsoft sets November 1st as launch date for new educational edition of the popular franchise

Microsoft have confirmed on their Windows Blog the release date for the upcoming Minecraft: Education Edition which will be available to purchase in the Windows store from November 1st.

The new edition, focusing on problem solving and encouraging collaboration through shared worlds and a common challenges and tasks aims to utilise the popular world to further education. Microsoft have been working with over 35,000 students and educators in a beta test version of the game since early June to prepare for this release.


It makes sense given the popularity of Minecraft and how well-known it will be with kids, especially seeing though it is available in almost every format, this will be a familiar and engaging means to get kids excited about their education.

And the concept sounds pretty cool, the students log into a secure and shared world where the tutors can be set as NPCs in the world to guide the students through the game. The tutors can even use digital chalkboard in the gaming world to give direct instructions or further guidance. The tutors can edit their education Minecraft world via a companion app that is releasing alongside the game.7

Microsoft have committed to the continuing evolution of the Minecraft: Education Edition by confirming that they will continue to add features from other version of Minecraft (such as new skins, Redstone functionality and updates to the user interface).

Minecraft: Education Edition is available from November 1st from the Windows Store and costs $5 per user per year, or is available through a licensing model.

How does this sound? Do you think it’s a good way to get kids excited about education? Let us know what you think in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.