N64 Emulator has appeared in the Xbox Store

N64 Emulator on XBOX ONE?!
N64 Emulator on XBOX ONE?!

*update* As of this morning, XBOX ONE support has been pulled from this app. It is still available on PC and mobile.

Earlier this month, the NESbox emulator made headlines with a failed attempt at making it to the XBOX Store.

It appears another developer may have been successful in bringing Nintendo emulation to the XBOX One in the form of Win64e10. This appears to be an updated version of Mupen64plus which has been around for some time on the PC and Windows 10 store.

v2.1.0.0 1. Add support for Xbox One. 2. Remove virtual control support for PC and tablet. 3. Recover to original render mode for boosting up performance. v2.0.0.0 1. Overhaul of UI. 2. Fixed crash of several games, including Mario Cart 64. 3. Remake of video to support multiple screen resolutions. 4. New buttons layout. 5. Hide buttons. 6. Integrate Xbox One/360 controller. 7. Integrate HID controller including MOGA. 8. Fixed saving/loading of games. 9. Support Continuum mode 10.Integrate OneDrive for Import/Export. 11.Add many config options. v1.1.1.0 1. Integrate dynamic recompiler. 2. Build app for x64.

It’s only a matter of time before this gets pulled.

Source: Destructoid,Windows 10 Store