Nintendo NX An Early Christmas Present?

Right before I start, I cannot see the source for this but according to GameSeek in the UK, apparently retailers in the UK have been told they only have until September 30th to put in their final orders for the Nintendo WiiU – after which, details about the highly anticipated Nintendo NX could be on the horizon, possibly as early as this coming Christmas. Whereas only yesterday it was reported that NX could be released in March 2017, such as we told you about in this article from Adam Stewart.

On the spectrum of Fact to BS, this lies a fair bit towards the BS end for me, as there are no viable sources in the GameSeek article to confirm that this is the case. They add further speculation that the Nintendo NX is rumored to be in “trial production” but again this is firmly in the rumor mill area.

I mean, yes they do remind us that the NX was announced on March 17, 2015 which was 18 months ago, and is the longest time scale from announcement to release so far, but if we all know 1 thing, it’s that Nintendo don’t often play by the rules as we know them. They don’t sing to the same sheet music as Sony or Microsoft and they are as likely to announce that the Nintendo NX will be available next week as they are to say it will be next year at this point, but whatever happens, the longer they leave it, the higher the anticipation and the higher the expectancy. Look at No Man’s Sky for a recent example of how that can work out…

As I say, personally I call BS. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter.