Oceanhorn Sequel in Development

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Cornfox & Bros. have announced on their developer blog that a sequel to their delightful, Zelda-esque adventure game, Oceanhorn, has entered active development at the studio. Titled Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, the upcoming game will retain many of the elements that made the original a fun experience while introducing new features designed to extend and expand upon the story and lore laid down in the hero’s first foray.

According to the devs:

Oceanhorn 2 will be built upon the same elements that were the heart and soul of the first Oceanhorn game: exploring a colorful world, a deep backstory with secrets and twists, amazing music, and most importantly – classic Action RPG gameplay with items, puzzles, battles, and badass bosses!

Cornfox & Bros. has been working on the game for over a year and the visuals look crisp and detailed. Mention was made of a vast open world map that can be freely explored and a new gun-like weapon called a Caster that should provide some exciting options for players as they battle a multitude of monsters in a variety of environments including fields, forests and mountains. Check out a few screenshots showcasing Oceanhorn 2 below.


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