100ft Robot Golf – Launch Trailer

Do you like robots? Do you like golf? Do you like video games? And finally, do you like giant things? Then buddy, this might just be the game for you. Check out the launch trailer below for 100ft Robot Golf, a new game from No Goblin.

This game looks like a little piece of awesome, with the cheesy music, the dry humor from the commentators, the crazy gameplay which looks like a mix between a golf simulator, with a hefty dose of Steve Oedekirk style jokes, giant anime style city bashing action and some kind of weird back-story about the moon perhaps having been partly destroyed and the super awkward way in which the line “I want all of robot golf to be mine” is delivered at about the 48 second mark…it looks like my kind of stupid humor.

100ft Robot Golf is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR for $19.99, and you can get it today from the PlayStation Store.

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