5 Spooky Animes Perfect For Halloween

How do you scream in Japanese?

I hope that others are more socially adept than I, so they actually have plans this Halloween. However, if you’re perpetually shy like me, I have a plan: cartoons from Japan.

Okay, hear me out. I know that anime has a bad rap for things like repetitive tropes and overt sexual fanservice. I won’t deny their existence (and persistence), but not all anime have them, and some are good despite them.

Anyways, it’s the season of spookiness: the time for red and yellow leaves, pumpkin coffee, candy, and horror. As the otaku I am, I thought it’d be fun to showcase some good anime sure to give you a fright. Without further ado, let’s take a look: (in no particular order)

another_classpicAnother is a very brutal and gory show made popular for its several shocking deaths. It follows Koiuchi Sakakibara and the really mysterious Mei Misaki as they try to uncover a mystery of death, while even more unfolds around them. It is available for free legal streaming on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is an extremely popular anime filled with a grotesque plot and harrowing visuals. Young student Ken Kaneki gets a stroke of bad luck with the way-out-of-his-league girl he’s on a date with. She reveals herself as a cannibalistic monster called a “Ghoul”. They’re then caught in an accident, causing her Ghoul organs to be transplanted. Throughout the series, Kaneki struggles with his newfound place in the Ghoul community. It is available for free legal streaming on Crunchyroll.


maxresdefault-4Berserk, as a series, has existed since 1989. It’s a classic, alongside greats like Cowboy Bebop, My Neighbor Totoro, and Neon Genesis Evangelion, although much more mature. It’s certainly more fantasy-based than it is intended to be horror, but it’s scary out of sheer darkness and gore alone. The new series is available for free legal streaming on Crunchyroll.

Death Note


Death Note is a staple in horror anime. It was one of the most popular anime of the mid-2000s, since getting several spin-offs, live-action films (including an upcoming one from Netflix!), games, and even a musical. It follows the story of teenage Light Yagami as his gift from the demon Ryuk drives him mad for power, and L, the globetrotting detective tasked with stopping him. Ryuk’s gift? A notebook that can instantly end the life of anybody. It is available for legal streaming on Netflix.

maxresdefault-5Occultic;Nine is by far the most recent anime on this list, not even halfway through its first season. Occultic;Nine is not for the faint of heart. While it’s not as graphic as shows like Berserk, it’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed. It follows nine very different characters, all connected through a paranormal blog, who are all having to deal with very real paranormal activity that threatens everyone’s safety.

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