Ace Attorney Apollo Justice Coming to Mobile

The popular courtroom series to come to iOS and Android

I bet we’ve all dreamed of being in the courtroom as a hotshot lawyer, maybe not for long, but perhaps dabbled with the idea? Not the nitty-gritty stuff, but being able to shout “objection” whenever we didn’t agree. Hell I’d like to do that in real life…in fact I might start.

Anyways, for those who don’t want to lose all their friends and family, there are the Ace Attorney games and the good news is that Capcom has announced they are coming to iOS and Android devices this winter.


Being exclusive to DS and 3DS previously the Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice games allowed you to examine the evidence in various cases and object the hell out of anything that seems fishy based on your absolutely concrete and sound reasonings, of course!

Not much is known about the release at this point, other than it’s coming, you’ll be in a courtroom and it’ll be with us in the next few months (hopefully). For updates and information you can pre-register here.

I’ve already done it, can’t wait to be shouting out “objection” on the bus…

Do you like the Ace Attorney games? Will you be giving this a download? Let us know in the comments below or the RGM Forums.