Amazing New Breath of the Wild Gameplay Trailers from Nintendo

Now that the excitement surrounding the announcement of the Nintendo Switch has abated slightly, perhaps attention can be turned to the games we’ll be able to play on it. Because, as we all know very well, no matter how innovative your hardware is, if there’s no killer software to back it up then it’s a big problem.

Well, I think Nintendo can rest easy in the knowledge that they have one of the best accompanying the launch of their new console in early 2017 – a brand new Legend of Zelda game. When it comes to launch titles, you can’t get much more killer than that.

A duo of new trailers has been released by Nintendo on YouTube showcasing the beauty of the upcoming action adventure starring series mainstay, Link. While some of the footage is from earlier clips, there is a plethora of fresh gameplay depicting some breathtaking environments and frantic sword play.

Take a look at the exciting videos below:


A third clip featuring a time lapse style format provides an extended look at the dynamic weather system whipping up some storms complete with lightning strikes and torrential downpours! Stunning stuff!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is due for release alongside the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. A WiiU version is also planned. Is the prospect of a new Zelda game enough to make you fork out the dough for another Nintendo console? Let us know in the comments or on the RGM Forums.