Amnesia Collection Announced For PS4

One easy way to be terrified three times!

In a PlayStation Blog post, Thomas Grip, the Creative Director at Frictional Games, shared the company’s history as well as dropping a sweet announcement.

He starts the post off by explaining how the company came to be where they are now.

 “It was June 2009 and we were running out of money. We’d spent nearly two years making a game called Lux Tenebras. Our idea was to make a Super Mario version of a horror game; something that could be enjoyed in bite-sized chunks, was replayable, and mostly relied on easily repeatable gameplay mechanics.”, he said.

This sounds really interesting, and seems like the company had struck gold. Unfortunately, this didn’t last.

 “The problem was, this game wasn’t working out. Despite a lot of time and effort, it never really clicked. A publishing deal had recently evaporated, leaving our funds basically drained. We had at most a month left in our budget, and while we had a lot of assets, we didn’t have a working game. It felt like the company was on the verge of going bankrupt, and I recall starting on my CV.”, he continued.

I emotionally connect with them on this, and you probably do too. Haven’t you ever poured your heart and soul into something, only for it to all fall apart around you? If only they’d have known how successful they’d become…

I really want you all to read this blog post, so I’m not going to quote all of it. Their story truly is an inspiring one that deserves to be read.

He goes on in the post to discuss how their previous game, Penumbra, was placed on sale, bringing them a good chunk of money. They decided to cut their salaries in half and go for a year developing something new. That game was Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and you know what happened from there.

They’ve never released the Amnesia games on console until now and PlayStation fans are in for a fright.

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