Beard Blade Gameplay Montage

Live on kickstarter is a new indie title from developer Glovebox Games called Beard Blade. The game is a 2D action adventure game where the protagonist uses his beard to throw, attack and climb. Here is a montage of gameplay from the kickstarter project:

Here is what you can expect from the gameplay:

  • Attack, travel and solve puzzles using the powers of your beard
  • Visit the barber to style your beard and change-up your moves
  • Explore colorful worlds and meet a cast of humorous characters
  • Master skills like timed-hits to defeat foes and reach hidden areas
  • Carefully comb through every level to find all hidden treasures
  • Meet the village folk and take on small side-quests
  • More eye-roll inducing hair puns

Beard Blade is being developed for PC and you can view the official kickstarter page here.

What did you think of Beard Blade and would you be willing to play a game that’s focused on beard puns? Let us know in the comment section or the RGM forums.