Everything we know about the Nintendo Switch so far

Finally the Nintendo Switch (Nintendo NX) has been revealed after a long spell of silence from Nintendo had some hardcore gamers pulling their hair out with the lack of information. Well get ready because here is everything we know so far:

– Nintendo Switch is a console and a handheld –

Basically the Nintendo Switch appears to be everything the Wii U should have been. Showcased firstly as a console that can be played in your lounge on your big screen tv but can easily be switched to a handheld device using the detachable controllers which then attach to a separate portable screen.

– Detachable Controllers attach to a controller unit for use at home –

While gaming at home players can attach the controllers to a different unit for gaming in your living room while we can only speculate that the screen recharges in the console/dock.


– The controllers detach –

In the trailer the user is seen switching from playing on tv to handheld by detaching the two controllers like the rumors claimed and attaching them to a screen which is cradled in the console/dock. Later in the trailer the controllers are also detached and used as separate controllers while the screen is free-standing.


– The Screen has a stand built in – 

As I mentioned before, the controllers can be detached and used separate while using the screen which has a stand that flicks out of the back of the screen.


– It has a 3.5mm headphone jack –

While this isn’t entirely surprising, it is nice to know after Apples removal of the headphone jack in their latest phone. We salute you Nintendo.

– There is also a Pro Controller –

If the new controller isn’t quite your thing for home gaming, have no fears there is also a Pro Controller that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. In fact you can even use the Pro Controller on the move instead of using the detachable controllers.


– Play 2 player co-op on the go –

Using the detachable controllers individually, gamers can play 2 player co-op split screen on the go. In the trailer 2 players are seen playing Mario Kart in split screen while in the back of a car.


– Play Multiplayer across 2 devices –

It appears that 2 devices can be connected to play the one game, the trailer showcases 2 players playing on one portable Nintendo Switch apparently playing against 2 other players on the other portable Nintendo Switch. This has not been confirmed but looks pretty apparent in the trailer as there are 4 active players shown on the screen, 2 on one team and 2 on the other. At this moment though there are no details on how the devices connect.


– It uses Cartridges –

Another rumor that is true, the Nintendo Switch uses cartridges. Seen in the trailer, the player inserts a cartridge into the top of the screen. It is not apparent if the cartridges are the same as the cartridges used in the Nintendo DS/3DS or if it is a new design completely.


– Nintendo Switch will be getting involved in e-sports –

Not a whole lot to go on here apart from the portion in the reveal in which competitive gamers are seen entering an e-sports arena and firing up their Nintendo Switch consoles to compete in a game of Splatoon.

– A new 3D Mario Game is on its way –

It is hard to tell if this is a new Super Mario 3D World or if this is the high in demand Super Mario Galaxy but either way I can’t wait.


– Amiibo support for Nintendo Switch –

In the image above there is also some nice placement of Amiibo in front of the tv. Obviously there was always going to be Amiibo support on the Nintendo Switch. High Five Nintendo!

Skyrim on Nintendo Switch – 

Get hyped ladies and gentleman, it would appear that the Skyrim will be coming to Nintendo Switch to play not only at home but also on the go. This is a powerful message to Xbox One and Playstation 4 showing they can support high end games, then again, without full specs we can’t be certain but the appearance of Skyrim on Nintendo Switch gives us hope.


– Play NBA on Nintendo Switch –

It would appear that with 2K on board, NBA games will be available for the Nintendo Switch. Does this mean FIFA, NFL, NHL etc. will all follow from EA?

– It has a powerful backing from developers and publishers including EA –

The sample list of Nintendo Switch partners (below) shows that Nintendo really mean business with this console and that developers and publishers are ready to bring their games to it. The potential is there, fingers crossed the Nintendo Switch can deliver.


– Nintendo Switch will Launch March 2017 –


Is there anything we missed? What do you think of the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.