Gears of War 4 Debuts New Multiplayer Maps

Gears of War 4 just released this October and coming on November 1st for season pass holders are two new multiplayer maps. The two featured maps are popular legacy maps from the Gears of War franchise and featured “Checkout” and “Drydock”. “Checkout” is based on the grocery store of Cole’s hometown of Hanover, 25 years later and “Drydock” is based on a transport from a COG ship building facility. Here’s a video of what to expect from each map:

Both maps will be introduced into public playlists on November 8th for people to try who don’t own the season pass. Are you excited for the new multiplayer maps and which mode in Gears will you be playing them on? I will be trying them out in the addictive horde mode with a group of my friends. Give us your thoughts in the comment section or the RGM forums.