Gears of War Movie Confirmed

Today was the Gears of War 4 launch live stream and along with it came some big news from developer, The Coalition. Rod Fergusson announced that a Gears of War film is in the works with a collaboration between Microsoft and Universal. No release date, writer or director has been revealed at this time.  Here is the tweet from Microsoft’s Larry Hryb announcing it as well:

Rod explained that it was still very early in the project and they weren’t ready to reveal further details. He did mention that the goal of the movie wasn’t to recreate the story from the games as a copy but to make the Gears of War franchise work in a movie setting. This is interesting and could take place between any number of time lines during the Gears of War lore.

This is the second time that a Gears of War movie has been brought up. New Line Cinema bought the rights for a film based on the game back in 2007 but the project never surfaced.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be a Gears of War fan as the Gears 4 is set to launch this Friday the 7th for people who purchased the 99 USD ultimate edition and the 11th for purchasers of the standard edition. As a Gears fan myself, I am hoping they can bring justice to the franchise with the upcoming movie but I remain cautiously optimistic as video game based movies don’t have the best track record.

What are your thoughts on a Gears of War movie and what period of time would you like to see it take place in? Also, what are your thoughts on the fact that Microsoft is working on a Gears movie but no word of a Halo movie? Let us know in the comment section or the RGM forums.