GTA Live-Action VR Video (Ft. Trevor Phillips himself!)

Alright Hollywood, it’s time to start casting Steven Ogg in EVERYTHING. The man is immensely talented, and thanks to this new video by Corridor, we’re reminded of that talent as well as our love for the character of Trevor Phillips. As soon as Ogg showed up onscreen, I couldn’t get enough of his pure insanity and scene-chewing persona.

The concept of living in a GTA world is entertaining enough, but having THE Trevor Phillips involved brings the whole video to a level of greatness that’s not usually reached.

The video is hilarious throughout, especially with Ogg showing off his continued comfort level with the character he made notorious back in 2013. Mixed in with the great nervous/straight man main character of the video and the crazy action and visual gags, it’s a video that every GTA fan should check out.

In conclusion, seriously Hollywood, give Steven Ogg a job in every project. Please and thank you.787e865786591eea395cff5579c5d8d0