Howl Like a Wolf! Lost Ember Embarks on Crowdfunding Campaign

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Developer Mooneye Studios has begun a Kickstarter funding drive for their upcoming third-person exploration game, Lost Ember. Placing players in the role of a wolf who is searching for his place in the world, the game involves searching for the secrets of a fallen civilization. It has a unique gameplay mechanic that is quite innovative and potentially, opens up some very interesting possibilities.

While the wolf is the main protagonist, Lost Ember allows the player to possess any animal that they encounter. This means the game can be experienced from a multitude of different perspectives – as a fish deep under the waves, a bird soaring through the treetops or even a mole with the ability to dig into the soil. Other animals available to possess include mountain goats, buffalo and more with several being added as stretch goals as the campaign progresses.

The journey of the wolf takes place in many stunning environments with some truly top shelf graphics on display. A trailer was unveiled to coincide with the Kickstarter and we’ve provided it below for your viewing pleasure:

As of writing, Lost Ember has garnered roughly a quarter of the goal amount that Mooneye is asking from backers. The developer has stated that it will available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and there is even interest in a VR version later down the track. Lost Ember is set to launch in March 2018.

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