Neil DeGrasse Tyson is making a game (and yes, it’s about space)

Although there’s a good chance that Neil DeGrasse Tyson has ruined one of your favorite movies thanks to his world-class nitpicking, there’s certainly some kind of magnetism and legitimacy to every statement that he makes.

His knowledge of space and science in general is impressive, and much like Bill Nye, has made being a nerd much cooler than it previously had been.

Keeping that in mind, the news that Neil DeGrasse Tyson is now helping develop a space-themed VR game is certainly intriguing.

The game is going to be called Neil DeGrasse Tyson Presents Space Odyssey and the player will travel to Mars, Europa, and places even further beyond.

The Space Odyssey website offers a decent idea of what gameplay will consist of:

“Meet at the Mission Control Spaceport and set off on missions by piloting your spacecraft through your friends galaxies, colonizing and growing your own galaxy, all with some guidance from Neil, your trusted Space Adviser.” “Grow galaxies, develop planets, colonize worlds, nurture species, harvest, mine, explore and discover unique life-forms, and civilizations. You’re part of a community that’ll shape the future of this gaming Universe.”

Considering Tyson’s involvement in the game, it has been stated that there will be “scientifically-accurate” gameplay, as well as a Minecraft element involving the creation of “your own celestial civilizations to compete with others in an intense game of strategy.”

Mark Murphy from Space Odyssey’s development team also went into detail on what you could do with the planets themselves:

“You can grow and mature these planets as much as you’d like, creating colonies, ports, mining structures, undertake trade of elements you discover/mine or invent or innovate.”

Considering the size and scope that’s being teased here, as well as Tyson’s involvement and the ambition being described, this could be a hidden gem for a VR genre that doesn’t quite have a massive system-seller yet.

It sounds like a No Man’s Sky kind of exploration-type game, mixed in with a planet creation element that could raise it above the kind of creation games that have come before it.

If you’re still not convinced, Tyson will be your trusted Space Adviser the whole time throughout your journey. How could you resist such an opportunity?

Does Space Odyssey already have you hooked, or do you need some gameplay before you’ll get hyped? What movie has Neil DeGrasse Tyson ruined for you? Let us know in the comments!