New “Release Date” trailer for Routine released

Even with the increasing amount of half-hearted first-person horror games on the App store and Steam, there’s something immediately engaging about the select few horror games that emphasizes tension and atmosphere above cheap jump scares. Routine looks keen to make space terrifying again with their latest trailer released today.


Originally unveiled in 2012, Routine was initially set for a 2013 release date. However, the developer Lunar Software acknowledged that they severely underestimated how much work would be necessary to make the game they originally imagined. The game was believed to be cancelled after a long silence from the developer, but after their latest blog update, they made sure to let fans know that they were still going strong. They remarked how their intent was to hit a late 2016 release date, but they didn’t want to release it right next to the Steam Christmas Sale, so they selected the March 2017 release date instead.

Set in a 70’s era moon base,  Routine looks to be a mix of Prey and System Shock, along with some Alien: Isolation mixed in too. There hasn’t been any additional information released, but we’re certainly interested to find out more about this extremely promising looking title.

What do you guys think about Routine? Are you a horror game fan or do you stay away? Let us know in the comments!