Resident Evil 7 Details: Saving System and Emphasizing Immersion

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7 seems to be going for a bold course correction of a series that has lost a lot of favor in the eyes of fans. With a new first-person perspective, as well as the focus reverting back to pure scares, fans are certainly excited by what they’ve seen.

In a recent DataBlitz interview with head developers from Yugatech, more details were shared in regards to the focus of RE7, which was illustrated through the use of the words “escape, immersion and pursuit.”

The developers confirmed that there will be no online modes, it’ll be a strictly single-player, linear storyline (with branching paths). The first-person POV is being used as an experimental gameplay decision that Yugatech won’t commit to outside of RE7 unless it’s well-received by players.

The story takes place after RE6 and will reference previous games in the series, but the developers didn’t discuss it much further than that.

Resident Evil 7The developers also stated that they used the original Resident Evil as a main inspiration, and also shared details on how the chosen difficulty may change the save system. The normal difficulty has an autosave system, but as the difficulty rises, saves become increasingly rare.

The focus on bringing the series back to what the original offered is a promising prospect, especially considering that many veteran players miss the level of fear that the series used to provide.

Resident Evil 7

Although there’s no confirmed release date for RE7, Yugatech stated that there’ll be a third and final demo at some point before the end of January, so that’ll likely be the next time players get a chance at some new gameplay.

Maybe it’ll be an interactive Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired dinner scene like in the trailer? Let’s hope we can interact with this charming group of characters sooner rather than later.

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