Respawn Showcases Their Vision For Titanfall 2’s Single Player Campaign

Respawn Entertainment recently released a video showing off their vision for Titanfall 2. Watch it here:

Game Director Steve Fukada talks about how he feels the Titanfall 2 campaign is unique due to the variety of things you can and will get to do in it. Game Designer, Chris Dionne goes as far to say he doesn’t feel the same when playing anything else.

The video goes on to show the intricacies of Titanfall 2‘s campaign mode. We see that there are actually a lot of puzzle mechanics. For example, if there is a large expanse you need to get over, you can hack into cranes and move walls around, allowing you to free run across the gap. You can also co-operate with your companion Titan, named BT. He can toss you across expanses.

We also get to see a taste of the boss battles in Titanfall 2. They talk about how they’ve created boss enemies with a wide variety of personalities.

Personally, this video skyrocketed my excitement for Titanfall 2 and I can’t wait to see if the game turns out how the developers are intending.

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