Something For The Weekend – Gunpoint

Civilization II
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Good news everyone! It’s Friday, and you know what that means? That means it is time for Something For The Weekend, our weekly segment to bring you something a little different from what is currently coming out and get you thinking of something you might not have thought about. This week I bring you the fantastic Gunpoint from Suspicious Developments. Check out the trailer below.

Gunpoint is a 2D stealth platformer is a real thinking man’s game with your patience and perseverance being richly rewarded as you make your way though a story of intrigue, intricate details, dry humor and some crazy gadgets that vastly improve and broaden the ways in which you can complete the ever more complex and cleverly designed levels.

You can grab Gunpoint on Steam for just $9.99 and trust me, it will be the best $10 you’ll spend this weekend.

Are you already a Gunpoint fan? Have you ever heard of it? Will you partake? Let us know in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter.

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