Something For The Weekend: LIMBO

Civilization II

Halloween is coming just after the weekend, and with a plethora of scary games and new games that could be played this weekend, I thought it only right to feature a game on Something For The Weekend that might not be traditionally scary, but is unsettling and definitely fits in with the whole Halloween theme. This weekend, I can only really suggest to you: LIMBO. Check out the trailer below.

LIMBO is a 2D platform game with a definite difference. The silhouetted art style ensures the game oozes atmosphere, and the lack of dialogue and any kind of narrative actually makes you feel weirdly immersed in a game that the only goal you really have is to just keep ploughing forward until you reach your final destination.

Many puzzles and enemies will try to stop you from reaching your goal, including a band of Lord of the Flies style kids, a giant spider and mind-controlling blobs.

Theories are still abound about what the game is about, even 6 years after its original release – and the fact that the game is so open to interpretation is something that definitely keeps players coming back after just a single play-through.

LIMBO is available on pretty much any device that you might have, including PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, WiiU, Mac, Linux and mobile for Android and iOS.

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