Something For The Weekend – Papers, Please

Civilization II

Here we go! Payday has come! But do you buy a new game? Do you buy food for your family? Maybe your wife or child is sick? But then you still have to pay your rent. If only a mysterious stranger could come into your job and offer you a bribe…these are the harsh realities of life for your average border control guard in 3909 LLC’s 2013 cult classic – Papers, Please, which is this weekends choice for Something For The Weekend – with an improved feature image. Before I go on, check out the trailer below.

Papers, Please is set in the dystopian (fictional) country of Arstotzka, seemingly part of the former Soviet Block in an alternate Eastern Europe. You play as a border control document checker, making sure that you process the people wanting to come into your glorious nation properly, abiding by the ever changing rules and making sure nobody untoward slips through…unless they make you a decent offer of course.

It sounds like a dull premise, but really, this game can get particularly tense, and can get quite difficult trying to keep up with the various changes to the immigration rules. And within the context of the game, lives are literally on the line – not least your poor family and even you! If the Ministry catch on that you’re taking bribes or letting possible terrorists to the Arstotzkan cause into the country, you could and will be in it deep.

Papers, Please is available for only $10, and it’s definitely worth the money, especially with 20 different endings to attain, it has a great deal of replayability.

You can get Papers, Please on PC through Steam, GOG, Humble Store and Playism or on Apple tablets through the App Store.

What do you think of Papers, Please? Definitely worth a try for those who haven’t indulged or grossly overrated? Let us know what you think in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter.