Star Citizen Goes Free-to-Play Now Until Oct 31st

The ambitious and record setting crowd-funded game Star Citizen peaked the interest and curiosity of nearly all gamers when it was announced. But until now the high cost of entry and the massive pay to play structure of the still unfinished game has kept all but the bravest and boldest from jumping in.

Luckily for those interested in firing up their Starship’s engines, from now until Oct 31st Star Citizen is going free-to-play.

According to a Reddit post, Star Citizen makers Roberts Space Industries (RSI) will allow anyone to sign up and download the game for free – as long as you’re in North America. Giving players access to all the game modes (or modules as they are being referred to) and one usable spaceship – the Super Hornet Fighter.

The game is still very much a work in progress and players may encounter unstable performances regardless of their PC’s configuration. But anyone curious about the ambitious game should head over to Robert Space Industries to sign up and download the game

The original Reddit post can be found here.