Zubmariner DLC Launches for Sunless Sea

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Sunless Sea, from developer Failbetter Games, has always been about sailing the seas and all the boating related excitement that entails. Sure, there were ocean monsters and pirates and an engrossing story to be experienced but the naval action took place predominantly above the crashing waves of the dark, bedeviled Unterzee.

Well, as of the 11th of October, seasoned seamen of the Unterzee can now explore under the Unterzee with the release of the expansion, titled Zubmariner. Your tiny craft can now transform into a submersible at any time with limited oxygen and a cool sonar ability. New beasts are waiting for you in the depths as well as treasures and submerged ruins for those with the fortitude to find them.

Take a look at the launch trailer for some Zubmariner action:

The Zubmariner expansion for Sunless Sea is available now on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.

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