Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 4 “Guardian of Gotham” Trailer

The next episode in Batman – The Telltale Series is available for download in only a few days, (November 22 to be precise) and Telltale Games have released the trailer it – titled “Guardian of Gotham”. Check it out below.

The trailer looks absolutely epic and more and more, Batman – The Telltale Series is looking more and more like the Batman story we deserve as well as the story we need. Telltale have a solid history of their story-telling games, from The Walking Dead to Tales from the Borderlands to Minecraft: Story Mode and The Wolf Among Us Batman – The Telltale Series looks certain to join them in their pantheon of must-have games.

With the introduction of The Joker as well in the series (wishful thinking would have led to Mark Hamill reprising his iconic voice in the role but alas, t’is not to be) will be sure to cause some level of carnage, hopefully on a grander scale than Jared Leto in The Suicide Squad

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