Battlefield 1: The Top 4 Multiplayer Maps

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Battlefield 1 may very well be the best multiplayer shooter of this generation. We’ve been playing nonstop since its release and came away with a list of our favorite maps.

Battlefield 1 has received near unanimous praise from critics and players since it’s release little less than a month ago. Hefty praise has been leveled at both the single player campaign and of course the bread and butter, the multiplayer.

We’ve poured countless hours into this World War 1 epic, fought battles across the deserts of Arabia, the forests of France, the mountain of the Alps, rode horse against tanks, drove tanks through buildings, had dogfights in biplanes and taken down gigantic Zeppelins. And through it all we’ve come away with our personal favorite maps to do battle on and we thought, since we are so nice, we would share it with our loyal readers.

This was a hard list to come up with, as we’ve found most maps to be quite good (aside from Ballroom Blitz, which is terrible) and each with their own highlights. But in the end we narrowed it down to just our top 4 absolute favorites.

Note: This list is for maps played in the Conquest mode as different game modes offer, at times, completely different layouts and sections of the maps to play in. Rush and Operations in particular offer different and often exhilarating twists on the same maps.

So without further ado, these are our favorite maps in Battlefield 1 –

1. Argonne Forest

This dense forest level is home to the most intense fighting in all of Battlefield 1. A no vehicles affair. Players rush through thick foliage, bombed out old ruins and a narrow railroad to fighting in the mud and in the rain. The natural lifelike layout of the map makes it one of the best ever deployed in any battlefield game. Hills and canyons, narrow stream beds and concrete bunkers surrounded by trenches make this a gritty bloody fight.argonne-forest








2. Sinai Desert

This might be a controversial pick but we maintain that the map deployed during the beta offers one of the best overall Battlefield experiences. Planes, tanks, infantry and horseback cavalry clash in the wide open sand swept desert, fight through steep canyons and engage in vicious battle over the town in the center of the map. Sinai Desert offers everything that makes Battlefield 1 such a great and unique experience. Whether engaging in dogfights, having tank vs calvary battles or creeping through creaky buildings in an attempt to capture the town, Sinai desert is a blast to play no matter your style.battlefield_1_sinai_desert_map_1








3. St. Quentin Scar

A large roaming battlefield of trenches, bombed out villages, grassy hills and town squares. This map fits perfectly into what one pictures when they think of a WWI battlefield (or maybe WWII, but still). Heavy fighting will shift throughout the course of a match, from the burned out church, to the town square, to the old windmill and all in between. A perfect map for any class both short and long ranged.battlefield-1-1440p








4. Mt. Grappa

A steep mountainside in the Italian hills is the setting for this breathtaking map. Players will be rushing up and down near vertical hills, finding rock outcroppings to avoid sniper fire and battling for control of two large entrenched artillery gun positions.
Mt. Grappa is a unique experience in that it provides a mostly vertical map while avoiding being a horrendous snipe fest.
Mt. Grappa shines in giving players a unique battlefield that can shift from intense close quarters fighting to wide open roaming battles with relative

What do you think? Do you agree, disagree? Do you hate Argonne Forest (of course you don’t) Do you love Ballroom Blitz? (no, no you don’t) Let us know in the comments below.

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