Could Super Smash Bros. be Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is this a sign of things to come?

I think the video game community is sat collectively twiddling its thumbs as we await more news on Nintendo’s new console, Switch. We already some details about it, but nothing really official since its official reveal last month. Now, we have to wait until January 12th for anymore official details.

Of course, this does not stop rumor, speculation and leaks. Lets Play Video Games have detailed one such rumor, speaking of a potential version of the highly regarded Super Smash Bros. series. Referencing a source they have used previously, Lets Play Video Games have reported that two upcoming Amiibo figurines, Bayonetta and Cloud, have been delayed past their 2016 date into next year. Presumably, for the launch of the Switch which is rumored to be around March time.

This new information from the source details a port of the Wii U version of the game, including all the DLC content. It is also speculated that the Switch version will be released in the first six months of the consoles launch, not necessarily on launch day. Other details around the game have not been specified, such as controller usage, many fans of the Super Smash Bros. series (myself included) champion the GameCube controller as the number one control method for the game but it may be very difficult to bring that control style to the console.

Where do you stand on this? I for one am really looking forward to playing Super Smash Bros. as I never had chance to play the Wii U version, having never owned Nintendo’s latest console. So I would welcome the opportunity to those exclusive games I have missed out on. I could understand a frustration, however, if there was a trend of just porting Wii U/Xbox One or PS4 titles over to the Switch to build up the catalog of games available. I’m sure we don’t want to hear endless new stories about “remasters for the Switch.”

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