Dead Age is out of Early Access on Steam and is a full release

Who doesn’t like a full release? Some games can feel like they’re in Early Access forever and some games never make it far enough along to actually release a full version of the game they are pushing out, but developers Silent Dreams and publisher Headup Games have now issued the final release of their zombie-RPG game – Dead Age. Check out the announcement trailer below.

The final release of Dead Age included a couple of new features and some final bug fixes listed here (taken from the Steam Community site):

New Features

  • Trading Cards are now available
  • Polish localization has been added. A big “thanks” goes to (we are also working on Spanish, French and Chinese translations, which will follow as soon as they are ready)

Bug Fixes

  • Crashes in fights and in GUI
  • Tutorial bugs when playing with the controller
  • Mouse scrolling in inventory
  • Controller scrolling in inventory
  • all Polish characters will be read and saved

The aim of the game is to live out a kind of Walking Dead style life, making a community, liaising with other communities, defending people from zombies and hostile humans as well as scavenging to survive. You can get involved with others romantically and the combat in the game is stylized on Final Fantasy with the spectre of perma-death hanging over you the entire time.

Every playthrough promises to be different with random missions generated every time in a game that promises to be one helluva ride.

Dead Age is available now on Steam and is currently 10% off until November 11, meaning you can grab it for just $13.49.

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