Dishonored 2 – “Book of Karnaca” Video Released

What would you give up to take back what's yours?

Dishonored 2 is void-walking ever closer and with just over a week to go until its November 11th release, the momentum is building on the hype train. In acknowledgement of this, a new video has been released that recaps the story of the original Dishonored whilst setting the scene for the sequel.

The new trailer tells us a story using a delightful clockwork pop-up book motif.

The trailer, released on Bethesda’s YouTube page, shows us the “Book of Karnaca”, Karnaca, being the city in which Dishonored 2 takes place.

Interestingly, Bethesda, also released some new images on its Twitter account today, including a map of the world in which the Arkane series is set.


I can’t help get excited about Dishonored as a series, but the prospect of what they could do, given the world they have established in this map; there are a lot of places that could be explored.

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