Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative Video released (with an Intended Release Window!)

If you ever found yourself wanting to leave the Milky Way galaxy so that you can search for the unknown in other galaxies, it appears that Bioware has you covered. The latest video released by Bioware involves the narration from an undefined voice stating that humanity is looking to go beyond the Milky Way into the Andromeda galaxy. The voice states that the trip to the Andromeda galaxy will happen 600 years “from where we stand” (implying that Andromeda takes place 600 years after the events of the Mass Effect trilogy). It then closes with a shot of the N7 soldier from the E3 2015 trailer and a female soldier on the moon. They look at Earth and then walk the opposite direction to what appears to be a Citadel-like flying station.


The video concludes with a statement that reads “Orientation begins November 7th,” guaranteeing that fans will get plenty of new information (and a trailer) in less than a week. The video also confirms the release window of the game: Spring 2017.

The day before elections, people of all political affiliations will get the most significant look at Mass Effect: Andromeda, as well as hopefully a release date. Also, if you feel like not living on this planet anymore post-election, the Andromeda Initiative has your back.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release in Spring 2017 for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

What do you hope to see on N7 Day? Are YOU going to join the Andromeda Initiative? Let us know in the comments!