My break-up letter to Call of Duty

I’ve been playing Call of Duty (CoD) for roughly 8 years, I’ve seen it through it’s good times and bad, I’ve been running clan now for nearly 5 years and we have made some amazing memories during that time.

I remember getting up at 3am every Sunday morning to compete in the Clan Operations when they were still around and pushing my team to stay awake and go hard so that we remained in the top 10% in the world at the end of every 3-hour operation.

When they took that away and replaced it with Clan Wars we adapted and dug in. There were days that I would lead several different teams across 18 hours in a day to ensure that we won our war that weekend to get into the highest bracket.

I played through food poisoning, tooth aches and even recovering from surgery because our bond as a clan and competitive nature wouldn’t allow me to not see us sitting on top of the leader boards.

Then they took that away and clan participation and competitions basically ceased to exist unless you enter MLG competitions, which when you live in Australia and work full time being able to co-ordinate that on what was primarily an American time table was basically impossible for us.

Then the real issues began with the most recent installments in the franchise moving further and further away from the core mechanics that made the game great and became convoluted with too many added extras to try and change the game to mimic other popular shooters like Halo and Destiny. The more stuff they added the less it felt like CoD anymore.

Now we are in a situation where the latest installment only looks like CoD, and the servers are drowning under the weight of campers who only care about their KDR and not running around and engaging in battle. Game modes like Team Death Camp and Kill NOT Confirmed have been ruined because of this and there seems to be no interest in fixing it. You can see that from the fact that many of the maps in Infinite Warfare are filled with head glitch points and shadowy corners.

We no longer have our boots on the ground, that fast exhilarating combat system is gone and we have been left with a shell of what CoD used to be.

I defended you against those who wrote you off year after year before you even got a chance to shine, I stayed true to you even when you arch enemy Battlefield got better ratings than you, but you don’t have my back anymore.

So, to you Call of Duty, if you are reading this, I loved you once and I tried to adapt to your new ways but we have grown apart. I can’t do this anymore and I want a divorce.