No more classes, Loyalty missions are back! – Game Informer tells all on Mass Effect Andromeda

For those who were disappointed in the lack of released information regarding Mass Effect Andromeda on N7 Day, do not fret. It seems that the Game Informer special on the game has you covered with some great new information that gives a decent hint at what gameplay will be like.

Starting off, it seems that player classes will be no more. Instead the player selects the Adept, Vanguard, or any other specific class, there will be a more in-depth skill tree for Ryder that’ll incorporate the previously class-exclusive abilities. As the story progresses, players will have an option at multiple points to “reset” their skill tree if they don’t like their choices. This will help players experiment and find their preferences without having to stick with a single class for the entire campaign.

Also, if you were a big fan of Mass Effect 3’s heavy melee omni-blade, then you’re going to enjoy the latest information regarding the addition of weapons like swords and hammers. Whether this will just be another example of the upgrades to the omni-blade or if players will be able to pick up physical swords and weapons in the world remains unclear.

The cover system will be more dynamic than ever with the addition of the jetpack into combat. Players will be able to utilize quick dashes and even be able to hover above enemies that may be behind heavy defenses.

The combat surely sounds more in-depth than ever, but how about the features outside of battle?

Well, there will be no more Paragon/Renegade dialogue options. They will instead be expanded to options like heart, head, professional, and casual. There will also be no “good guy/bad guy” meter to tally up your dialogue choices, so be sure to go wild and have fun with your conversations.

There will supposedly be more romance options than ever, with certain characters that want different kinds of relationships (some want long-term, others not so much).

mass-effect-andromeda2Ryder’s sibling will NOT be joining your squad, but you will be able to consistently catch up with them and communicate back-and-forth. Dialogue options with companions will also be increased and will be more in-depth than ever. Two squad mates have been named, with the Asari (that’s been in the last couple bits of released footage) that has the nickname “Peebee” and a human squad mate named Liam.

The main antagonists will be the race known as the Kett. Bioware has also stated that anyone who fears the villains will be one-note will be able to empathize with them during certain story moments.

The Mako is back and has a new name: Nomad. Each of the planets that will be available will offer players enemy encounters, puzzles, and potential stories along with boss battles that may not be available at first (a la Dragon Age Inquisition and the dragons).

There is also the Nexus, which will serve as the new Citadel, that’ll be available to explore at any point. In the story, the Nexus made it to the galaxy before the four Arks. There’s a human Ark and the other three consist of three other major races, which potentially could be the Asari, Turians and Salarians.

Another interesting factoid regarding the story was revealed with the statement that Ryder isn’t the original choice for the Pathfinder. Instead, Ryder’s father is the one who is appointed the official Pathfinder, with Ryder taking his place later on (likely implying a grim fate for the gentleman).

The customization options seem to be available for each member of the Ryder family, with the Ryder sibling and father being customisable along with your own selected Ryder. Their customization options are somewhat limited in comparison, but they are still available. Also, as an added incentive for going through the Game Plus mode, you’ll be able to play as the other Ryder sibling if you wish.

Then there’s the multiplayer, which WILL be returning with a heightened version of the four-player horde mode seen in Mass Effect 3. The mode will have a card game system for the in-game items and will have the option to pay for them (although you can gain all unlockables through natural progression). There will also be special events that will change up the map and enemy types for heightened experience and item loadouts.

Finally, Bioware will be bringing back loyalty missions, one of the best aspects from Mass Effect 2, to Andromeda. The difference between these newest loyalty missions is that they’ll be far more optional this time around. In ME2, the loyalty missions were almost essential to that particular squad members survival, but here, Bioware seems to want to allow players to take part in them only if they want to. This is probably for the best, as forcing players to do side activities can remove a lot of the enjoyment from them (see Saints Row The Third).

This is the main information released so far, but Bioware has promised to release additional information as the coming weeks progress, leading up to the (finally) gameplay reveal on December 1st at the Video Game Awards.

Andromeda is looking to be extremely promising and likely has Mass Effect fans chomping at the bit, waiting for more information (or that may be just me).

In case you missed the N7 Day trailer, here’s a link to the trailer and RGM’s initial thoughts and discussion.

Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer – And when did their voyage commence?

What did you guys think of the trailer? Are you excited about this new information? What do you hope to see unveiled in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comments!