Pokémon Sun and Moon: New Z-Moves and Ultra Beasts revealed!

New exclusives and evolutions coming to Pokémon Sun and Moon

The more Nintendo unveils about Pokémon Sun and Moon, the more I get intrigued about where they’ll go next. Ever since the series has moved into the third dimension, Nintendo has seemed even more keen on switching up their game design in multiple areas. There was the Mega Evolutions, which turned out to be a hit and quite the game-changer (even though they made certain battles a little too easy sometimes). Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire offered a fresh take on an old GBA classic, and with Sun and Moon, it seems that Nintendo may have made their most adventurous game yet.

The new location of Alola looks visually appealing and interesting enough, but it’s what Nintendo has done with the battles that is particularly interesting. The inclusion of Z-moves in battle, which seem to be designed to add moves that are not only powerful, but extremely unique aesthetically (Incineroar’s Z-Move is my personal favorite so far). Nintendo seems to be including the Z-Moves as another game-changer to battles, but players will be the judge of that.

The addition of even more Ultra Beasts should help change up the trainer landscape as well. Their powerful attacks, intimidating appearance, and there’s plenty to find if players are willing to find them. It’ll be very interesting to see how they’re implemented and how much of a challenge it’ll be to take them down (and possibly get them on your side).

I think that what’s most important, and most groundbreaking, over all the other crazy announcements for Sun and Moon, is Nintendo’s commitment to fix Dugtrio’s self-confidence issues. You see that bleach-blond hair they’ve got going on now? Without the baldness, Diglett and Dugtrio have nothing holding them back now.

It goes without saying, but Sun and Moon continues to look refreshing and a very welcome change from the typical Pokémon formula. Come November 18th, we can all get our own non-bald Dugtrios, go exploring, and see what kind of experiences await us over in Alola.

Are you going to be picking up Sun and/or Moon? Which starter are you going with this time around? Let us know in the comments!