Retro Game Manual’s Back for NES Classic Release

Nostalgia to the highest level

With the release of the new NES Classic Edition retro games aren’t the only throwback Nintendo is bringing to its fans.

According to sources at Siliconera, Nintendo’s website is now giving access to the original game manuals for each of the 30 games included in the NES Classic.

This comes as a great fix for those of us around for each of the games original releases and an enticing look into the past of game manuals for those of us that never grew up with the stylized art and story hints given back in the day.

Each game manual is available in .PDF format and with two distinct styles. The electronic manual .PDFs are similar to the standard digital manuals you receive upon purchasing a Wii U or 3DS game but many may be more interested in the printed manual .PDF versions. Each printed manual is identical to the originals that were shipped with the games upon their original release date.

A look at a few of the available game manuels
A look at a few of the available game manuals

Best of all, unlike most of Nintendo’s options for their old games, these manuals are all available for free.

The printed manuals will be the best bet for those trying to achieve a bit of nostalgia, with their inclusion of original art, story details, and tips each printed manual is much more detailed than their electronic counterpart.

These manuals come as a welcome addition for all gamers and another example of how Nintendo knows better than anyone else just how to hit us with nostalgia. Now if any of us could actually get our hands on a NES Classic it would be even better….

To see the manuals in action click the link to Nintendo’s site here: NES Classic Manuals

Do you welcome the return of the original manuals? Do you think detailed manuals should make a return to this generation’s games? Are you one of the lucky few with an NES Classic? Or are you refreshing your local electronics store page to see if they have any available? Let us know in the comments below, on the RGM Forums or over on our Twitter.

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