Something For The Weekend: Nidhogg

Civilization II
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Good news everybody – it’s Friday! With it being Friday, we all know that it’s that time of the week again to bring you something a little different to the big games that have been released this week, if playing a bit of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Football Manager 2017 doesn’t take your fancy. This week’s featured game on Something For The Weekend is the wonderfully competitive – Nidhogg. Check out the trailer below.

When I first encountered Nidhogg, I was skeptical to say the least. The graphics looked as though they were rendered on MS Paint, and it seemed a bit too simple a concept. You duel another person and try to reach your own finish line (as much as it can be called that) whilst stopping your opponent from doing the same. In the most layman of terms, that is the game – but it doesn’t describe the atmosphere and feelings of absolute carnage that goes along with it.

Playing with a friend can cause brutal bust-ups (in a hilariously fun way) and will make you want to keep playing especially if you have just lost because of some crap that definitely wasn’t your fault! You do play against 1 other person (or AI if playing single player) with the aim not to simply kill your opponent, but to kill them enough times that you can move on to the next screen until you reach your final screen, only (as shown in the trailer above) to be eaten by a giant worm, which I believe is meant to be a funny pixelated Nidhogg (which comes from Norse mythology and is a dragon named Níðhöggr which eats the roots of the “world tree” Yggdrasil).

Nidhogg is available on PC through Steam or on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita through PSN all for $14.99 – it might sound a lot but you’ll find yourself wanting to get better and better to beat anyone who you come across in this crazy world of multiple deaths, agonizing mistakes and the need for cunning over anything else.

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