Titanfall 2 Free Angel City DLC Gets New Trailer

First lot of new DLC releases this week

How are we loving Titanfall 2 so far? For me, it fine tuned what made the first one awesome and then added in a fully fledged single player campaign to boot.

If the original could be criticized (except for it’s rather lean “campaign”) it would be about how it handled its DLC and season pass. Originally releasing at £19.99 it contained three drops of DLC content. Before long, the season pass was reduced to £9.99 and was on offer a lot of the time, before eventually becoming free in most iterations.

There’s none of that this time with Titanfall 2. Having previously confirmed that all DLC maps and modes will be free post launch, Respawn have released a trailer for the first new map; an old familiar in the form of Angel City. At first you might think it a bit of an easy choice, picking a map that’s already built from a previous game, but I am happy about this.

Titanfall 2 has added a load of new mechanics and new types of Titans to the mix and seeing them play out on a familiar playing field will certainly be fun. Plus Angel City was always one of the best maps in the original game, so it’s always going to be a pleasure to return there. Also, developers Respawn will have needed to test out the new mechanics to make sure that it is balanced on this map, so a load of work will gone in.

Also it’s FREE!

Angel City is released via an update which also adds some new cosmetic options on December 1st. Check out the trailer from YouTube below:

Looks pretty awesome right? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the RGM Forums.

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