Ubisoft’s Steep: Open Beta Live on Steam

Steep Open Beta Now Available on Steam

It feels like it’s been forever sense gamers have had a new action sports game to get excited about. While Skate 3 is now backwards compatible on Xbox One it doesn’t appear EA has any plans to move forward with a Skate 4. A new Tony Hawk game was released last year but by all accounts it was a complete disaster. And fans hoping for a new SSX are better off holding their breath. But where others have fallen short Ubisoft looks to take up the mantle of the Action Sports Genre with their soon to be released open world skiing/snowboarding/wingsuiting game Steep.

So far Steep has flown a bit under the radar for most gamers, and it’s easy to see why, what with the deluge of high profile and high quality games being released recently. But previews and impressions for Steep have been trickling in recently and most seem to be of the positive variety. And now Ubisoft is giving more players a chance to hit the slopes by releasing a free public beta of the game on Steam.

PC gamers will want to check the recommended specs and then head to the Steam Store to download the Steep beta today.

Once you’ve had a chance to wingsuit through some canyons and carve some sweet powder let us know what you think in the comment section.