Unknown new Ubisoft Game Teased in Watch Dogs 2?

Man you gotta love Ubisoft sometimes. With Watch Dogs 2 just around the corner, a YouTuber (FlammableAce) has posted a video appearing to show what happens in the game when you hack into the Ubisoft office (which is an Easter Egg in itself located within the game). The video appears to show a trailer for an unknown game with a watermark stating “UBISOFT CONFIDENTIAL. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE. E3_Conf_Video_v03”. Check it out below.

Whether or not it’s a teaser for a real game is (of course) not known at this point, however there are a lot of theories already floating about on the Reddit thread that this was posted (OK a version of this with no sound) and on a Neogaf Forum that this was also posted in including that it has a Cowboy Bebop style, or that it feels like a Fallout game based in space and obviously lots of comparisons to a No Man’s Sky style game.

Not everybody is convinced however with many people saying it’s just a random Easter Egg (an Easter Egg within an Easter Egg? A Meta Egg?) or that it’s a self-depreciating joke about how often their games and details on their games get leaked, but something that is clear – if it IS a teaser to a new game, it is an absolutely ingenious way to get it out there and as “bobbychalkers” in the Neogaf forum mentioned “Hacking in Watch Dogs is a thematically cool way to announce/leak a game.” – quiet frankly, I could not put it better myself.

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