Wii-U Production ends November 4th

On November 4th, the Wii-U will finally be laid to rest. According to multiple sources, Nintendo will be shipping their last Wii-U this coming Friday. In a console generation that has seen over 70 million consoles sold between the Xbox and PlayStation, the Wii-U, released a year earlier than either console, has sold about 13 million. Even with a host of excellent first-party titles, it would seem that the death of the Wii-U was caused by a lack of proper processing power, leading to a complete lack of third party games. In any console war, a lack of third party support can prove to be deadly to total console sales. The Wii-U serves as the cautionary tale of that fact.


Nintendo is likely very willing to move on from the Wii-U’s financial failures so that they can now focus on the positive excitement surrounding the Nintendo Switch. It’s also clear that Nintendo is showing evolution in their consoles as they have already shown the amount of third-party developers that will support the Switch:


Although Nintendo is glad to close the book on the Wii-U, Wii-U owners are surely saddened that this console, with excellent exclusives and entertaining co-op experiences, never reached its full potential due to a lack in committed support from both third parties and Nintendo themselves. Here’s hoping that the Switch, with its greater processing power and third party support, can avoid the pitfalls that sunk what would’ve otherwise been a system praised by those in the industry and those who simply love the experiences only Nintendo can provide.

Are you a Wii-U owner? If so, are you satisfied with your purchase? If not, what kept you from buying one? Let us know in the comments below!