Dunkirk Trailer 1 out now!

For the first time in Christopher Nolan’s career, he’s going into nonfiction in the form of a war movie. No, this is no ordinary war movie either. THIS true story? Well, it has a member of One Direction in the cast. Oh, and some Oscar winners and nominees too I guess. In all seriousness, the thought of Christopher Nolan making a war movie is far too enticing to miss, especially when you see the cast that’s been revealed so far.

Tom Hardy, recent Oscar winner Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy (a Nolan regular), Kenneth Branagh, and the previously mentioned One Direction member, Harry Styles. The decision to cast Styles in such a massive movie is an intriguing one, but if Nolan made the decision, then there should be little doubt that Styles earned his spot on the cast. Who knows, maybe there’s some serious acting talent in him that we’ve yet to see.

It goes without saying, but it looks damn good. It looks dreary, intense, action-packed, and possibly even emotional (the soldier taking off his equipment and walking into the water stands out the most). The trailer doesn’t establish who exactly each actor is specifically playing, other than Branagh’s a leader in the army, Hardy’s a pilot, and Rylance doesn’t appear to be a soldier of any kind.

The trailer seemed to focus more on the tone in place of the exact plot and the characters, which leads to some especially harrowing shots and teased scenes. This trailer made sure that anyone going to see Dunkirk knows how seriously it’s being taken, as well as the level of intensity that’ll be present throughout the film.

The movie was certainly promising before any footage was shown because of Christopher Nolan’s involvement, and now it’s clear that this could be one of Nolan’s best films yet.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you think Harry Styles’s involvement will distract viewers or do you think it will play out just fine? Let us know in the comments below!