GTA Online: Import/Export coming this month

The latest addition to GTA Online is coming soon, and by that I mean it’s coming this month. GTA Online: Import/Export will be essentially an add-on to the previous addition Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, Import/Export will add on more “criminal pursuits as CEOs” and you’ll have to make the best use of all of your GTA Online experience and skill in order to “boost, modify and resell the most wanted vehicles in the city for big profits.”


Imports/Exports will bring new warehouses and “CEOs can add expansions to the Executive Office buildings.” Not only that, but massive 3 floor Executive Office Garages can hold up to 60 vehicles in what looks like a showroom for the criminal underworld of Los Santos. You will also be able to customize the way these Executive Office Garages will look and they will include a Custom Auto Shop.

gta-online-import-export-1Rockstar have not yet announced when Imports/Exports will be released, but it will be in this very month of December. Not only that, but it will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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