For lovers of the latest installment in the Halo franchise, we have some great news coming your way soon.

guardian_halo_5_guardians-hdSince the failure to launch that was the Master Cheif Collection, 343 Studios has been prolific with its focus on post-release support. Their biggest commitment was to have all of Halo 5 DLC come free to all players.

This commitment from 343 not only had them in good graces with their player base but it also gave the players a reason to stick around thus conquering Halo 4’s biggest problem of player exit after only a month.

Thus far Halo 5 has added multiple playlist, forge updates, weapon and armor variations, and their biggest addition Warzone Firefight. While Halo 5’s story was not received well by players or critics the multiplayer in its base state was heralded as the best in the series and has only improved since.

For the latest update coming to Halo 5 this month, the information was released on Neogaf forums this morning. Included in the update is:

-SERVER BROWSER (Yes you can now browse for custom games on XBO/PC)
-Big fixes and optimization for PC version
-Observer Mode
-Arena/Warzone announcer voice packs
-“Biggest” Forge update ever (sanghelios map included)
-Extensive aiming improvements (it has been reported there is now no input lag)
-General UI improvements
-Halo: Reach Grenade Launcher
-New GameType
-Even more new skins and armor

More modes are rumored to be added to the game in the post but are still unconfirmed at the moment.

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