Mass Effect Andromeda First Official Gameplay released!

THANK YOU BIOWARE. Finally, Bioware has released some Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay, and it’s looking pretty excellent. From the additional biotic powers (fire hands!), awesome combat moments using the jetpack, and the smooth-flowing firefights, the combat looks to be the best its ever been.

Then there’s the city being shown in gameplay, which feels like it’d be at home both in a Star Wars and Mass Effect game. The distinct art style of the original series seems to be retained perfectly if the locations and character models are to be believed.

The new scanning ability also seems to be put to good use as it appears that Ryder and company are solving a murder case in the footage using Ryder’s personal scanner. This should allow for the player to feel more like they’re interacting with the world when they scan items and environmental aspects into the Codex.

As previously mentioned, the jetpack looks incredible. The added verticality is certainly worth mentioning (especially with those moments where they combine the jetpack and a Biotic Charge, so cool!) and should make combat more engaging and strategic than ever.

Resource management appears to be back as well, if the “resources are limited” statement in the pre-video narration is to be implicative of the gameplay.

A brief glimpse into the dialogue was also included, with the dialogue wheel looking a little bit closer to Dragon Age Inquisition but still retains the multiple dialogue options. There was also a shown Renegade interrupt (so expect those to be present in dialogue as well).

Overall, Andromeda’s game world and gameplay look impressive and visually stunning. The new Mako (called the Nomad now) looks a lot less swervy and uncontrollable, so players can look forward to actually being able to control their vehicles. The next step after this will be a release date, which Bioware needs to release REAL SOON. Release it, or else I will still patiently wait for you to release it when you feel like it.

What did you guys think of the gameplay shown off at the VGA’s? Are you as hyped about Andromeda as I am? Let us know in the comments below!